Your leadership journey starts here

We offer a wholistic approach for aspiring leaders, young entrepreneurs, NGOs and community leaders. A combination of learning modules, personality assessments and one-to-one coaching. 

Personality and Behavior Assessments

Discover your natural personality tendencies, your daily behavior and how others can perceive you. Learn your strengths and potential derailers, and the risks that could hamper your progress.

Personalized Coaching for Your Needs

Don’t miss the individualized one-to-one coaching sessions with a group of expert coaches who are ready to accompany you in your self-discovery and development journey.

E-learning Courses

Our e-Learning courses are immersive and engaging. A wide range of management and leadership development skills designed around scenarios that simulate daily work challenges, and make your learning a fun experience.

Self-awareness is the cornerstone of leadership

We offer you a suite of tools to assess your personality and behavioral tendencies, to know your potential and where you need to focus. More imprtantly, you will know your derailers and risks.
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Our coaching approach is relational.

The Person as a Whole

We take a systemic view of your context, and with you, we explore what's working for you and why, and what could stand in your way. Your internal dynamics are just as important as the external environment. 

Beyond Quick Fixes

Unlike common place coaching practices, we approach the coaching relationship as a field to be discovered, with its surprises and happy moments, in the here and now.

Research-Based Practice

Our coaching practice is grounded on solid theories of human psychological dynamics. Past experiences are considered in the equation, without crossing the borders of psychotherapy.

e-Learning Courses

Our library keeps growing to compliment your journey to reach your potential. Some courses are fully self-paced, at your ease and convenience. Others are designed to give learners deep insights into some aspect of their personality and behavior. In such case, learners will be invited to take some well selected and relevant assessment. Coaching sessions are organized to debrief the learners' reports.


Our Courses

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